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About us

2bind is a provider for biophysical analytical services with focus on early drug development (hit identification, hit validation and hit characterization).

Four core technologies (MST, nanoDSF, BLI and ITC) allow our experts for studying molecular interactions in terms of classical binding parameters such as affinity, kinetics, thermodynamics and stoichiometry.

We offer a broad portfolio of biophysical assays starting at High Throughput Screening, Binding analyses in bioliquids (such as sera) up to competition assays.

2bind is the sole service provider in the market being certified by NanoTemper Technologies for application of MST and nanoDSF, guaranteeing highest scientific standards.

Our Biotech and Pharma customers benefit from a strong expertise in biophysical methods, from customized milestone-based projects with clear timelines and reliable cost structures.

Since 2011 2bind successfully finished over 500 projects for more than 90 customers, which are 6 of the top 10 worldwide Pharmaceutical companies, Biotechs, SMEs and universities.

Products and services

2bind offers analytical services based on four core technologies (MST, nanoDSF, BLI and ITC) with main focus on early drug discovery.

We offer:
- biophysical screening approaches (small molecules, peptides or Ab)
- detailed characterisation of drug-target interactions (affinities, kinetics and
- binding assays in bioliquids (sera, cell lysates)
- competition assays

Furthermore, we offer assays to characterize proteins in terms of their thermal stability and aggregation tendency (based on nanoDSF).

Our milestone based projects offer clear timelines, reliable cost structures and high quality data.

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2bind GmbH
Am BioPark 11
93053 Regensburg

Phone: +49 160 96938061

Dr. Thomas Schubert

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