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About us

The geneXplain GmbH is a leading software company providing systems biology platform for deciphering mechanism of biological processes and human diseases. It was founded by the originator of the TRANSFAC® database, Edgar Wingender and by the creator of promoter and network analysis algorithms, Alexander Kel. TRANSFAC® is a unique database on eukaryotic transcription factors, their genomic binding sites, and DNA-binding profiles. GeneXplain has developed a comprehensive platform for statistical, bioinformatic and systems biological tools and databases. It provides a high-level environment for developing computational tools and standardized pipelines to assist translational research in life sciences, in the context of systems biology modelling, drug development, personalized medicine, and pharmacogenomics. The unique feature of the geneXplain platform is the integrated promoter and pathway analysis approach, which enables causative interpretation of transcriptomics or proteomics data.

Products and services

As one of the leading European companies in the field, geneXplain offers to its clients a wide variety of bioinformatics, cheminformatics, systems biology, and systems medicine tools. The geneXplain platform carries out an integrated multi-omics analysis of biomedical data coming from human, mouse and rat. The platform enables the identification of new drug targets and biomarkers of diseases under study. Its integration with the TRANSFAC database of eukaryotic transcription factors, their genomic binding sites, and DNA-binding profiles and with the TRANSPATH database of mammalian signal transduction and metabolic pathways makes this tool a very powerful instrument for drug discovery. Integration of the results derived from the geneXplain platform with the HumanPSD database of protein-disease associations and with the cheminformatics tools PASS, PharmaExpert and GUSAR allows for receiving a ready personalized drug candidate from raw omics patient data within just several hours!

News & Innovations

Identifying key regulators of diseases  The key uniqueness of the geneXplain platform integrated with TRANSFAC and TRANSPATH databases is its ability to analyze genome regulatory regions and identify the key regulators of a disease under study. The complexes of transcription factors binding sites (TFBS), which are responsible for the regulation of abnormal gene and protein expression in the disease are identified by using the TRANSFAC database. Identification of regulatory transcription factors in the promoter regions of disease-specific genes is followed up by pathway analysis, which is performed with the help of the TRANSPATH database. The pathway analysis reveals common regulators of the identified TFBS complexes, which appear to be the master-regulators of the pathological phenomenon under study. These master-regulators are key candidates for biomarkers and drug targets of the studied disease and they can be identified from raw omics data by simply running the Upstream Analysis workflow in the geneXplain platform.


geneXplain GmbH
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