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About us

ibidi's position as a leader for functional cell-based assay technologies is based on more than 17 years of experience, a strong relationship to their customers, a spirit of innovation and a passion for quality and service.
The ibidi product portfolio provides the largest and most sophisticated selection of microscopy slides worldwide. Applications range from standard microscopy techniques to more advanced assays including migration and chemotaxis, cells culture under flow conditions, and angiogenesis. Moreover, ibidi has an extended expertise in solutions for stage top incubation, perfusion actuation, oxygen measurement in cell culture, and image processing and analysis.

Products and services

ibidi develops, produces, and distributes innovative labware products, instruments, and reagents for live cell analysis and cell-based assays specifically for high end microscopy. An extensive line of cell-culture biochips—µ-Slides, µ-Dishes, and µ-Plates—offers solutions for immunofluorescence and basic cell culture, plus complex assays, such as angiogenesis, chemotaxis, wound healing, shear stress, and flow.

The instrument line includes stage top incubators, a unique perfusion system that provides continuous flow for the simulation of blood vessels, and a new system for monitoring, measuring, and controlling the O2 concentration in biological samples.

Finally, ibidi’s newest innovation, Fuse-It-mRNA, allows for the fast and efficient transfer of mRNA into cells, especially primary cells and stem cells.
µ-Slide 2 Well | 4 Well | 8 Well

µ-Slide 2 Well | 4 Well | 8 Well

An open µ-Slide (chambered coverslip) with 2, 4, or 8 wells for use in immunofluorescence and high-end microscopy

ibidi Heating & Incubation System

ibidi Heating & Incubation System

Heating and Incubation System for all live cell imaging applications including high resolution, TIRF, and confocal microscopy

µ-Slide Chemotaxis

µ-Slide Chemotaxis

Used to investigate chemotaxis of fast or slow migrating adherent cells and non-adherent cells in gel matrices

News & Innovations

LifeAct-TagGFP2 Protein—Immediate F-Actin Visualization in Living and Fixed Cells 

Achieve fast staining and immediate functional analysis of filamentous actin (F-actin) in living and fixed cells with ibidi’s new reagent, LifeAct-TagGFP2 Protein. The addition of this recombinant protein extends the successful ibidi LifeAct product line for F-actin visualization and offers an in...| » Further reading 

Perform Up to Four Parallel Cellular Microscopy Assays in One Single Dish 

The latest, innovative product release from ibidi is the µ-Dish 35 mm Quad, a four-compartment cell culture dish that can be used for simultaneous assays, and it guarantees brilliant optical quality. Using this 35 mm imaging dish, researchers will benefit significantly from the quartered construc...| » Further reading 

Speed up Your Workflow with ACAS Automated Image Analysis 

ibidi introduces a fast, new web-based tool, ACAS (Automated Cellular Analysis System), which offers extremely quick and reliable analysis of wound healing and angiogenesis assays. This lean and efficient software is the latest addition to ibidi’s already innovative product portfolio, which cover...| » Further reading 


ibidi GmbH
Am Klopferspitz 19
82152 Martinsried

Phone: +49 89 5204617-0

Ulf Rädler
Business Development
Phone: +49 89 520 46 17-0

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