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About us

InSCREENeX's technologies allow the generation of individual cellular material for all stages of the drug development process. SCREENflex is a platform technology to establish stable cell lines for primary screening – fast, flexible and predictable. The CI-SCREEN technology was developed to get access to unlimited amounts of tissue like cells – of any desired origin and species.

On the basis of these technologies InSCREENeX offers pharmaceutical and biotech companies optimal tools to develop new drugs under in vivo conditions – adapted to in vitro set ups.

Products and services

InSCREENeX offers products and services based on its two major technology platforms:

SCREENflex: Fast and efficient generation of stable, recombinant cell lines. Based on CHO and HEK we establish cell lines for you expressing your desired gene with optimal expression level.

CI-SCREEN: Functional immortalization of relevant cell types. CI-SCREEN gives access to unlimited amounts of physiologically relevant cells - from different tissue and species.
SCREENflex Technology

SCREENflex Technology

News & Innovations

Our CI-SCREEN Technology has been published in Nature Communications ..  Use functionally immortalized cell systems as an alternative to freshly isolated primary cells.
CI-SCREEN cell lines from various tissue and species can be applied for drug screening, characterization and personalized medicine.


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38124 Brunswick

Phone: +49 5316 1815080

Roland Schucht
Managing Director

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