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Perform Up to Four Parallel Cellular Microscopy Assays in One Single Dish

The latest, innovative product release from ibidi is the µ-Dish 35 mm Quad, a four-compartment cell culture dish that can be used for simultaneous assays, and it guarantees brilliant optical quality. Using this 35 mm imaging dish, researchers will benefit significantly from the quartered construction: the subdivisions enable up to four parallel, individual experiments in one single dish. In addition, applications such as transfection or immunofluorescence staining, plus live cell imaging, can be conveniently performed in this single dish.

The µ-Dish 35 mm Quad is the ideal solution for scientists who conduct simultaneous multiplex analysis of different cell lines, or apply distinct experimental conditions. The subdivided concept not only saves time, but it also decreases experimental costs by reducing the cell numbers and the amount of reagents needed. The unique ibidi Polymer Coverslip Bottom guarantees superior optics for high end microscopy. Excellent phase contrast is provided by the centered plate construction. This Ph+ feature avoids any meniscus effect and facilitates homogenous cell growth.

See the advantages of the µ-Dish 35 mm Quad for yourself! Free samples for testing are now available at:

Exhibitor: ibidi GmbH

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