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Speed up Your Workflow with ACAS Automated Image Analysis

ibidi introduces a fast, new web-based tool, ACAS (Automated Cellular Analysis System), which offers extremely quick and reliable analysis of wound healing and angiogenesis assays. This lean and efficient software is the latest addition to ibidi’s already innovative product portfolio, which covers the whole assay workflow—from sample preparation to analysis.

The ACAS principle is easy: Researchers simply upload their microscopy data to their personal ACAS account and start the analysis job. Within minutes, they will receive a detailed report for download and further evaluation. As a clear advantage over other analysis tools, ACAS equally evaluates different data formats such as images, image stacks, and videos. In addition, every ACAS customer will receive 15 high-quality image analysis jobs every month for free.

Using ACAS, researchers will save hundreds of hours of manual image analysis, which will greatly increase experimental throughput. Easy and rapid data processing, as well as objective and reproducible results, make ACAS a powerful and cost-saving tool for wound healing, cell migration, and tube formation assays.

Exhibitor: ibidi GmbH

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