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Growing human stem cells - Laboratory in a bag

Human stem cells are a major new hope in the field of medicine. With LabBag®, Fraunhofer IBMT researchers have developed an all-in-one system in the form of a transparent bag that provides a cheap, fast and sterile way for scientists to grow, differentiate and freeze stem cells. The cell models produced can be used for toxicity tests and drug development. Stem cells offer the potential to develop new types of therapies and drugs. If researchers are to achieve meaningful and transferable results, there must be an increase in the cell material to be examined. In addition, the latest studies show that 3D cell models reflect the conditions in the human body much more accurately. The generation of these cell aggregates takes place primarily under sterile conditions in droplet-shaped nutrient solutions. In the future, it will be possible to complete this process cheaply and reliably.

Exhibitor: Fraunhofer Institut für Biomedizinische Technik IBMT

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