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World Innovation and Hope: First therapeutic molecule candidate against Zika viruses

Genekam Biotechnology AG, which developed the first test for Zikavrius detection in Januar 2016, has developed as one of first company in the world the therapeutic molecule candidate for Zika viruses, which is likely to be the first potential candidate for Zika-virus therapy.

Zika viruses are known to cause fears as they infect pregnant women leading to disorders and new born with microencephaly (child with smaller head) with whole life handicap and missing a number of vital functions e.g. eyes, limbs, speech etc. Till today diagnostic are only the choice to detect and prevent the Zika viruses. There are claims that vaccination candidates are being developed and tested. But there is no claim in the world that any company has got the potential therapeutic molecule for Zika viruses. The experiments show that Genekam Zika-molecule are inhibiting the Zika virus infection and likely to be non toxic. But still there is a need of more studies till these molecules go for trial on human beings. Genekam Biotechnology AG wishes that molecule remain non-toxic in further studies as they can accelerate the clinical trail process.

At present, Govt are investing more resources to develop a vaccination, which may be miles away because of known side effects of such vaccines with dengue viruses, which are very closely related with Zika viruses.

Genekam biotechnology AG is a German company, which is specialised on developing of solutions for viruses particularly influenza and mosquito borne flaviviruses

Exhibitor: Genekam Biotechnology AG

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