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biotechrabbit is a leading molecular biology enzyme and protein production company based in Berlin, Germany. We innovate, develop and manufacture products with superior performance for diagnostics, life sciences research and applied markets.

We use high density prokaryotic and eukaryotic fermentation followed by several fine-tuned purification steps to produce highly pure proteins with capacities ranging from small to large-scale production.

Extensive quality control analyses after each key production step secure product performance. Lyophilization as a potential final processing step fulfills the continually growing demand for product stability independent of a temperature-controlled supply chain.

ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 9001:2015 certification exemplify biotechrabbit`s commitment to the highest quality standards.

Products and services

  • Enzymes for molecular diagnostics

  • High-capacity protein fermentation

  • Lyophilization of diagnostic tests

  • Hybridoma development and antibody production

  • Custom and OEM supply of assays, reagents, kits

  • Bulk filling

  • Standard PCR products

  • Hot-Start PCR products

  • High-fidelity PCR products

  • Long-range PCR products

  • Reverse transcription products

  • RT-PCR products

  • Quantitative Real-Time PCR products

  • dNTP sets and mixes

  • DNA cleanup products

  • Plasmid purification products

  • Genomic DNA purification products

  • Total RNA purification products

  • Virus DNA and RNA purification products

  • Electrophoresis products

  • Enzymes for Molecular Biology

  • Cell-free protein expression products

  • Tris-NTA His-tag binding

biotechrabbit GmbH
Neuendorfstr. 24a
16761 Hennigsdorf

Phone: +49 330 22075410
Internet: www.biotechrabbit.com
E-mail: Send message

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