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Genekam develops Solutions for virology, stem cells and immunology. It has developed a large number of Tools to acclerate the CAR T cell therapies. These Tools are based on magnetic beads applications as well as molecular biological tools. It works on B-cells, where it is developing human potential therapeutic antibodies against pandemic viruses. Genekam focuses on Influenza viruses, where it has a developed of detection Tools, small molecules and potential therapeutic pathogen specific humoral molecules (called also antibodies in literature). It manufactures a large number of products to be used in diagnostics. It has developed products to removal of endotoxins and nucleic acids from Solutions to create highest Quality Proteins to be used as therapies.Circulating Tumor cell isolation kits based on magnetic beads. Next Generation isolation tools are being developed. Genekam manufactures products, which will lead to cheap diagnostic and therapies.

Products and services

  • Human potential therapeutic antibodies against Chlamydia,
  • Influenza, Toxoplasma
  • Human potential therapeutic molecules against Zika, MERS,
  • Influenza, Ebola, Rift valley
  • CAR T-cells development and production tools
  • Fluhunter: 85 different ready to use PCR kits for detection of any influenza virus circulating on this planet
  • Magnetic separation of T-cells (CD3/CD4/CD8)
  • Magnetic separation of B-cells (CD19/CD20/CD27)
  • Magnetic separation of CTC
  • Magnetic purification of human antibodies
  • Biopharma biosafety tools
  • Biopharma magnertic beads protein isolation
  • Magnetic beads removal of endotoxin and nucleic acid
  • Next generation sequencing RNA isolation kit
  • Genotyping of human papilloma virus, HCV, HBV, Norovirus
  • Exosome purification tools
  • 31 Kits with CE for diagnostic
  • Stem cell isolation and detection kits
Genekam Magnetic Beads RNA Isolation

Genekam RNA isolation kit is based on magnetic beads. This kit is developed and manufactured through Genekam Biotechnology AG. It can be used on different kinds of samples e.g. serum, plasma, blood, tissue, cell cultures, vaccines, biopsies, oral swabs, nasopharyngeal samples etc. Isolated RNA is very pure to be used in different applications of real time as well as conventional PCR. It is simple to use and does not need expensive instrument except a magnetic rack.

Further reading

Genekam circulating tumour cells (CTC) enrichment kit

STEM 21 Genekam circulating tumour cells (CTC) enrichment kit

Further reading

Isolation of Human Antibodies with Genekam Magnetic Beads

Isolation of Human Antibodies with Genekam Magnetic Beads

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Genekam is working on potential therapeutic molecules and antibodies against pandemic influenza viruses
Genekam is working on potential therapeutic molecules and antibodies against pandemic influenza viruses

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