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Glycotope is a clinical-stage immuno-oncology company built on world-leading glyco-biology expertise. The company draws on its long experience in glyco-biology to create highly specific mAbs targeting glyco-epitopes, and glyco-optimized mAbs with enhanced performance.

Glycotope has a growing pipeline of high-value cancer therapies focused around the antibody gatipotuzumab, which targets the novel glyco-epitope target TA-MUC1. Its lead clinical program is in Phase Ib in combination with Tomuzotuximab, a glyco-optimized second-generation anti-EGFR mAb.

In addition the company has a mature and growing pipeline of proprietary cancer therapies incl. PM-CD3-GEX® - a bispecific T cell engaging antibody recognizing tumor-specific TA-MUC1 on tumor cells and a specific receptor (CD3) on T cells and PM-IL15-GEX® - a TA-MUC1 targeting antibody fused to the cytokine Interleukin-15 to turn the immune desert at the tumor site into an immunologically hot tumor to induce tumor killing.

Products and services

Glycotope provides a wide range of services for biopharmaceutical companies incl.

  • Glycoanalytical / PTM-analytical service

  • Cell line development in CHO / GEX cell lines

  • Process development (USP and DSP)

  • Assay development

  • Immunomonitoring

    Our innovative GlycoExpress® technology enables the generation of high quality oncology and non-oncology candidates with fully human glycosylation improving activity, drug characteristics and side effect profiles.

Glycotope GmbH
Robert-Roessle-Str. 10
13125 Berlin

Phone: +49 30 94892600
Internet: www.glycotope.com
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Lars Stoeckl
Director BD
Phone: +49 1761 9489823
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