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Xell is an innovative and agile biotech company providing high-quality products and services for cell culture applications.

While having a focus on the development and manufacture of chemically defined cell culture media, we continuously extend and improve our portfolio of related cell culture and analytical services.

Biopharmaceutical companies, research institutes and CMOs world-wide use Xell’s culture media and feeds for the production of diagnostic and therapeutic proteins, viral vectors and vaccines.

For the most commonly used mammalian cell types (CHO, HEK 293, hybridoma and others), Xell has developed a catalog of readily available culture media and feeds. This includes cost-efficient all-in-one solutions for transfection and transient production.

Our custom media accommodate for the particular requirements of individual client cell lines. A large number of successfully completed projects has helped us to gain a reputation as a reliable partner in this field.

Products and services

Xell provides chemically defined high-performance cell culture media and feeds for mammalian suspension cell lines, including CHO, HEK 293 (and other human cell lines), BHK, MDBK, MDCK, and hybridoma.

These catalog products are available as liquid and dry powder for use in R&D and GMP manufacturing.

Based on our proprietary cell culture media platform and by using extensive spent media analysis in combination with metabolic models, we also rationally design customized solutions for clients’ individual cell lines and expression platforms.

The portfolio is complemented by a wide range of targeted and rapid cell culture and analytical services:

  • Customized cell culture media development

  • Cell culture medium selection

  • Cell line adaptation (to suspension growth)
  • Spent media analysis (amino acids, water-soluble vitamins, trace elements, glucose/lactate, ammonia and more)

  • Protein quantification and characterization

  • Media lot testing

  • Media stability studies

HEK TF is a chemically defined cell culture medium that was designed for transient gene expression (TGE) in HEK293 and other human cell lines. This all-in-one solution supports all steps from cell expansion to transfection and protein expression. It is also suitable for the production of viral vectors and vaccines. It is serum-free, hydrolysate-free, protein-free and free of animal and human-derived components. It can be combined with the HEK FS feed supplement for fed-batch production.

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TCX6D is a chemically defined cell culture medium for stable gene expression in various suspension-adapted CHO cell lines. It is serum-free, hydrolysate-free, protein-free and free of animal and human-derived components. Combine it with TCX7D feed supplement for prolonged expression in fed-batch processes.

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Analytical Services

Xell's analytical services comprise methods for cell culture media, spent media and protein analysis. Our broad analytical platform covers a broad range of cell culture media constituents and metabolites, including amino acids, water-soluble vitamins, trace elements, glucose and lactate, ammonium and more. Our methods are robust and all validated for chemically defined cell culture media.

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