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With subsidies from the State of Bavaria, the City of Regensburg, the Government, the European Union and equity capital the three buildings were able to be constructed directly at the university campus.

BioPark I got operative in 2001, BioPark II in 2006 and BioPark III in 2011. With an average utilization level of over 90% BioPark can meanwhile be run independently despite subsidized leaseholders and is a good example of sustainable enabling policy.

On an area of 18,000 m2 there are 38 companies and institutes with 608 employees and an in-house childcare facility.

Currently there are 58 active companys with 3.980 employees in the cluster named BioRegio Regensburg.

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Your laboratory space at BioPark

Currently 38 leaseholders with 608 employees at BioPark are located directly at the university campus. There are 18,000 m2 state-of-the-art offices and laboratory spaces (S1/S2) with a comprehensive range of technology and other services.

The excellent location factors are completed with a day-care center, direct connection to the motorway and very good university infrastructure. A flexible leasehold concept with single offices, conference rooms and theatre is available. Feel welcome to use our personal consulting.

BioPark Regensburg GmbH is the local advisory center serving the BioRegio Regensburg Biotechnology Cluster. As a juror at BusinessPlan Competition of Northern Bavaria and as coordination headquarters for the bmbf (German Ministry of Education and Research) we are contact person for start-up and financing of new companies as well as incentive programs in the fields of biotechnology, medical technology, pharmaceutical science and healthcare.

BioPark Regensburg

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BioPark Regensburg
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93055 Regensburg

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RCI Regensburg – Top-notch research from East Bavaria

The Regensburg Center for Interventional Immunology (RCI) is being accommodated at the BioPark until the completion of the new research building. Here the foundations for the development of new immunotherapies will be researched, to make therapeutic interventions for cancer, infectious diseases, autoimmune diseases as well as organ and stem cells transplants possible.

The Regensburg Center for Interventional Immunology (RCI) was founded in 2010 as a central institution at the University of Regensburg to bring together all the University research fields working on the development of new immunotherapies.

Until completion of the new research building, the BioPark Regensburg GmbH, an enterprise of the City of Regensburg, is supporting the expansion the RCI with floor space at the BioPark.

The goal of the RCI is the research, development and rapid implementation of improved therapeutic interventions for cancer, infectious diseases, autoimmune disease as well as in organ and stem cell transplantation.

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RCHST follows RCBE to the BioPark Regensburg

After the Regensburg Center of Biomedical Engineering (abb. RCBE) was able to move into its own rooms in the new building on the campus at OTH Regensburg, the premises at the BioPark will now be used by the Regensburg Center of Health Sciences and Technology (abb. RCHST), a further research institution at the OTH Regensburg.

This handover emphasizes the excellent cooperation of the OTH Regensburg with the BioPark project “Healthcare Regensburg”.

To support Regensburg as a science location, the BioPark has endorsed the use of the premises at the BioPark by the OTH Regensburg. The Regensburg Center of Health Sciences and Technology (RCHST) links the expertise from biomedical engineering, medical informatics, health and social sciences in research, development, teaching and further education in the region at the OTH Regensburg.

In doing so the OTH Regensburg is taking on current societal changes and project changes such as demographic change in Germany, advances in biomedical engineering and digitalization in medicine as well as growing heath awareness and is developing innovative solutions for this.

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New HTS Platform for Personalized Tumor Therapy
The Division of Personalized Tumor Therapy of the Fraunhofer Institute for Toxicology and Experimental Medicine ITEM, based at the BioPark Regensburg, has founded a new working group “High-Throughput Drug and Target Discovery”. Its goal is to generate patient-derived preclinical in-vitro models for a multitude of cancer types and to subsequently use these in high-throughput drug and target screening campaigns for personalized tumor therapy.

The Division of Personalized Tumor Therapy was founded in 2010 as a research partnership between the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, the State Government of Bavaria, and the University of Regensburg with the support of the City of Regensburg. The group of researchers took their first premises at the BioPark, an enterprise of the City of Regensburg. From its beginning, the group has been organizationally affiliated with Fraunhofer ITEM in Hannover as a project group, funded by the State of Bavaria. After successful evaluation of the project group, it became a division of Fraunhofer ITEM in 2017, dedicated to its own research topic and headed by Prof. Dr. Christoph Klein, who also holds the Chair of Experimental Medicine and Therapy Research at the University of Regensburg.
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