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InSCREENeX develops novel engineered mammalian cell systems that speed up drug development (SCREENflex) and enable physiologically relevant tests in vitro under in vivo conditions (CI-SCREEN).

Recombinant stable cell lines for cell-based assays: The SCREENflex technology rapidly (1 month) generates recombinant cell lines expressing your gene of interest (e.g. antibodies, GPCRs, ion channels, kinases) in CHO or HEK293 cells. The cell lines express the target at the desired level (low; medium; high).

Expandable cells with physiologically relevant function: The CI-SCREEN technology generates functionally immortalized cell systems. This enables a drug development in vitro under in vivo like conditions.

It can be applied to any mammalian cell type e.g. to establish cell systems from your desired cell type, pre-clinical disease model, patient-specific cells and disease-specific cells.

Products and services

Products include:

Off-the-shelf engineered expandable mammalian cell systems for science and pharma, e.g., lung epithelial cells, intestinal epithelial cells, endothelial cells.

Off-the-shelf CHO GPCR cell lines, e.g., ADRB2, CHRM3, HRH2.

Cell line services include:

rapid generation of recombinant CHO or HEK293 cell lines for cell-based assays (SCREENflex).

Development of expandable cell systems from any mammalian species for bioassays, drug development and basic research.

Immortalized Cell Lines

Lung Epithelial Cells//Alveolar Epithelial Cells//HUVEC//Osteoblasts//Chondrocytes//Tyhroid Epithelial Cells

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38124 Braunschweig

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Tom Wahlicht
Business Development
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