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YUMAB develops fully human antibodies from target to lead for clients and partners worldwide.

Its proprietary and sophisticated antibody platform covers all technologies from antibody discovery to antibody engineering and lead optimization.

Starting with one of the world’s largest, natural fully human antibody library collection (>10e11), customized, patient-derived or immune libraries.

YUMAB antibodies contain natural, close to germ-line sequences promising low immunogenicity and toxicity. The advanced in vitro and on-cell selection technologies enable the pre-design of antibody properties, such as interspecies X-reactivity, stability, and developability. Early applied in the development process, it provides high success-rates to all types of antigens, including difficult targets like GPCRs or ion channels.

Bioinformatic optimization provides a direct path towards optimized leads for all antibody drug formats, such as full-length IgG, Fab, scFv, bispecifics, CARs, fusion proteins and ADCs.

Products and services

  • Discovery of novel fully human antibodies

  • Antibody lead development & optimization until final sequence

  • Antibody engineering – e.g. affinity, stability, manufacturability

  • Humanization

  • Antibody libraries (customized, patient-derived, or immune libraries)

  • Antibody analytics & bioassays

Inhoffenstr. 7
38124 Braunschweig

Phone: +49 531 481170-0
Internet: www.yumab.com
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Contact person

Dr. Linda Kirchner
VP Business & Finances
Phone: +49 531 481170-0
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1100 South Tower, 225 Peachtree Str., N.E.
30303 Atlanta, GA

Internet: www.yumab.com
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