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EpiQMAx offers a service for the analysis of epigenetic marks by means of mass spectrometry. Since 2018 we are a partner for the development of epidrugs and biomarker discovery.

About us

EpiQMAx is an innovative spin-off from the BioMedical Center in Munich. Based on the technology of mass spectrometry, EpiQMAx has been analyzing post-translational modifications of proteins since 2018. At the beginning of its foundation, the start-up focused on the analysis of epigenetic modifications and has developed a platform technology that includes a sample preparation KIT, mass spectrometry analysis and data visualization. EpiQMAx has thus created the basis on which the company has managed to publish clinical data on this topic. EpiQMAx has been expanding its portfolio since 2020 and offers analyzes of post-translational modifications of cellular and recombinant proteins. At its headquarters in Bavaria, Germany, the company operates a state-of-the-art mass spectrometer that enables extensive screening of “epi-proteomes”.

EpiQMAx GmbH
Am Klopferpsitz 19
82152 Planegg

Phone: +49 89 2153 5730
Internet: www.epiqmax.com

Contact person

Dr. Victor Solis
Phone: +49 89 2153 5730
Dr. Moritz Völker-Albert
General Manager
Phone: +49 89 2153 5730

Products and Services

We offer the following modules:

1. Quick and standardized sample preparation with our own-developed KIT for a cost-efficient preparation of histones.

2. Measurement of histone and protein PTM's by means of mass spectrometry. We are the only service provider that can quantify combinations of modifications robustly.

3. Innovative software programs, which represent the real-time processing (tracking software), as well as an intuitive and visual reporting of our measurements (report software).

In total, we are able to offer the fastest service for the analysis of histone PTM's to improve epidrug development and epigenetic biomarker discovery.
Histone modification analysis

A cost-efficient and reliable quantification of more than 60 histone epigenetic modifications from cells, tissue, saliva and liquid biopsies.

Our propitiatory KIT is able to enrich for histones fast and effectively. The subsequent mass spectrometry measurement identifies and quantifies different modifications. We analyse the data with our own software tools and deliver easy-to-understand reports within a time window of 2-4 weeks.

Further reading

Mass spectrometry/Proteomics

We offer many kinds of mass spectrometric services such as proteomics, PTM quantification and any kind of challenging protein quantifications. Please feel free to contact us for any partnering. We are happy to discuss with you!

Further reading

PREPP - Precise and Rapid EPigenetics Platform for Drug Discovery

The Precise and Rapid Epigenetics Platfrom for Drug Discovery (PREPP) provides expert solutions to overcome challenges in drugging the epigenome.

PREPP is an alliance of four companies (CrystalsFirst, Spirochem, 2bind and EpiQMAx) offering a unique combination of expertise and technologies tailored to epigenetic targets:
1. Drug epigenetic targets using biophysical assays
2. High-performance crystallography for structural insights
3. Innovative MS-based epigenetic readout

News & Innovations

EpiQMAx Announces Publication of Significant Epigenetic Profiling Mass Spectrometry Paper
We are proud to announce that joint efforts of EpiQMAx and VolitionRx led to the development of a new method that detects histone variants and PTMs from plasma samples via mass spectrometry. This paves the way for decoding epigenetic biomarkers in cancer diagnosis as shown in today's released publication. Make sure to give the paper a read! Further reading

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