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Xell provides high-quality products and (analytical) services for cell culture applications with a focus on the development and manufacture of chemically defined cell culture media

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As a versatile and innovative partner for the global biotech and pharmaceutical industry, Xell AG – located in Germany - provides highly efficient solutions in cell culture technology. Creating ultra-high-performance culture media and feeds, applying our powerful analytical tools for in-depth characterization of media components and working closely with our customers as a team, we create solutions for any challenges met in cell culture technology.

Having gained more than 20 years of hands-on-experience in cell culture technology we support our customers in all areas from finding the perfect medium for their cell line, developing customized solutions, manufacturing customer-specific formulations and analysis of samples from a variety of different matrices.

A large number of successfully completed projects has helped us to gain a reputation as a reliable partner in the field of cell culture technology.

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Products and Services

At Xell we specialise in cell culture technology and analytics supplying our customers with high-quality products and services worldwide.

We provide (customized), AOF, chemically defined cell culture media and feed solutions in liquid or dry powder. For the most commonly used mammalian cell types (CHO, HEK, hybridoma and others), we developed a catalogue of readily available culture media and feeds.

As a CMO we support our customers by production of your own liquid and dry powder formulations – from cell culture media/feeds to buffers, medical products, supplements and more.

Our analytical services help you to better understand your process. They can be applied to a variety of different matrices, e.g. spent media, food, feed and others.

Our scope of services ranges from a medium/feed development to cell studies, medium screenings, process optimization and more.

Should you have any questions regarding any of our products please contact us any time and we will be happy to help.
CHOlean | cell culture medium (CD, AOF)

• For CHO cell lines (including K1 and DG44)
• Ready-to-use; designed for batch and fed-batch processes
• Chemically defined, serum-free, animal component-free and hydrolysate-free
• Little or no adaptation required from other serum-free media
• Supports stable growth of suspension cells at high viability in seed train culture
• Can be used in research or in manufacturing applications
• w/o L-glutamine
• w/o HT (hypoxanthine/thymidine)
• Appoved by ISO 9001 QMS

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HEK ViP NX | cell culture medium (CD, AOF)

• For HEK 293 and other human cell lines
• Chemically defined, serum-free, animal component-free and hydrolysate-free
• Focus on transfection applications
• Little or no adaptation required from other serum-free media
• Supports stable growth of suspension cells at high viability in seed train culture
• Can be used in research or in manufacturing applications
• Optimized for virus/viral vectors
• w/ HT (hypoxanthine/thymidine)
• w/o L-glutamine, w/o phenol red
• Approved by ISO 9001 QMS

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Culture media analysis bundle | Analytical Services

Xell's comprehensive culture media analysis bundle combines the most common and informative analytical parameters regarding spent cell culture medium. It includes the analysis of amino acids, glucose and lactate, trace elements and water-soluble vitamins.

Further parameters, e.g. ammonium, dipeptides, organic acids, polyamines or trace elements can be added to this bundle for a more profound insight into your processes.

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News & Innovations

Gene therapy and virus production
Today gene therapy and virus production are increasingly becoming the focus of research - also due to the current global situation.

Xell is involved in the field of research for gene therapy applications. Several test series are planned to optimise e.g., the production processes of AAVs and lentiviruses and to improve product titer. Last year, after intensive research, Xell launched HEK ViP NB and HEK ViP NX, two suspension cell culture media with different nutrient contents, which are specifically optimised for virus production. Upscaling can also be performed easily using these media.

In our state-of-the-art S1 and S2 laboratories, we are happy to support our customers' projects and work on further innovations in the field of gene therapy and virus production as well as corresponding analytical services.
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Innovation in Cultured Cells as Food Products and Analysis of relevant Protein Sources
Xell currently engages in innovative research projects in the area of cultured meat and alternative protein sources. Due to the constantly increasing demand for feeding the growing human population, alternative food products need to be developed. These can be made from plants - but also from cultured cells. Our research focuses on the use of cultured bovine, porcine and insect cells as a protein source and the development of efficient culture media and processes in this context. We also work on the development of new cell lines that can be used in such applications.

Xell also constantly expands its analytical capabilities to work on a variety of different matrices and analyses, from spent media, food and raw materials to cell culture derived products. Recently we analyzed the protein content of various high protein products using our proprietary amino acid determination method.
With the growing interest related to alternative food sources, Xell will keep developing high quality products and analyses to supply their customers.
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Enhancing strategic partnerships with USA, India and China
Xell is currently expanding its strategic business relationships with China, India and the USA. Having uphold many successful business relationships over the years, the partnerships are to be expanded as part of Xell's growth strategy. This is an important step to further support customers located in North America and Asia while also simplifying the whole process.
With more than 10 years in business and more than 20 years hands-on experience in cell culture technology, together with their partners, Xell wants to make their ultra-high-performance cell culture products more easily accessible around the world. This way, customers internationally can benefit from the best service, speed and quality.

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