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lifespin developed a unique method to capture digital snapshots of individual metabolism to create an atlas of human health enabling diagnostics at your fingertips.

About us

Digitizing human health offers health insights with disease diagnostics at your fingertips. lifespin is a smart diagnostics technology platform merging biology,  deep data, artificial intelligence, and cloud technologies to enable digital metabolic insights for: precision diagnostics and therapy for personalized treatment of diseases; precision nutrition for diabetes, dietary and lifestyle interventions, and precision drug monitoring for pharmaceutical, research, and clinical settings.

We have standardized the baseline for human health and can detect distinct deviations caused by diseases.

Diseases impact metabolism and the presence and quantity of metabolites. Our proprietary technology platform digitally captures individual metabolomes, i.e., hundreds of metabolite concentrations with a single NMR measurement.

Our constantly growing database of digital metabolic profiles, with currently more than 130k individuals, enables the analysis of more than one billion metabolic relationships.

lifespin GmbH
Am BioPark 13
93053 Regensburg

Phone: +49 941 94289812

Contact person

Dr. Ali Tinazli
Chief Executive Officer
Phone: +49 160 2573458

Products and Services

lifespin revolutionizes diagnostics with new product categories resulting from the convergence of data science and biology. Digital metabolic profiles enable differential diagnosis of health conditions, staging of diseases, monitoring of treatment success, and personalized medicine. lifespin´s AI-enabled technology platform is a versatile, highly scalable, cloud-based value creation engine, to provide moderate cost diagnostics. Currently, we offer products for medical research, pharmaceutical drug development and clinical trial support: e.g. Biomarker panels in blood, urine etc. Our first regulatory approved health testing software-as-a-service (SaaS) will be for the early differential diagnosis of multiple sclerosis and is expected in 2022. This will be followed by other tests for the detection of neurological, cancer, and inflammatory diseases. Our cloud-based business model is built on our proprietary SaaS platform for diagnostics and health information and is globally scalable.

Pharma Services

As part of a pharma partnering, lifespin offers access to its own growing database of individual digital metabolic snapshots. We have standardized the baseline for human health, can detect distinct deviations caused by diseases and are building a comprehensive health atlas.
This enables lifespin to offer insights or support in different areas:
- phamaceutical drug discovery and development
- support of clinical studies
- stratification of cohorts
- metabolomics

Metabolic Profiling

Diseases affect metabolism in a clearly measurable way. So called "fingerprints" serve as quantitative biomarkers for specific diseases and provide clues for personalized treatment.
The first step towards this would be an unbiased multiparameter quantification. Thus, lifespin offers customizable biomarker panels for different biofluids such as blood, urine, cerebo spinal fluid etc.

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Laboratory Partnering

As part of a laboratory partnering, lifespin offers access to its proprietary technology platform and assists in the expansion of the lab´s product portfolio by including all available lifespin tests and profiling solutions.

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