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Bicoll is an expert in plant small molecules and medicinal chemistry fields. Bicoll delivers solutions in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, nutraceuticals, and agriculture.

About us

Bicoll owns an efficient and multi-disciplinary technology approach to the discovery of novel potent molecules for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and agricultural industry.

Bicoll has the proprietary right to the Bicoll Plant Profiles™, which provides the fastest and the most successful method to discover lead compounds from initial screening to animal tests or products. Bicoll offers solutions to hit to lead for drug discovery pipeline from scientifically gathered and carefully processed plant species with outstanding knowledge in high tech natural product chemistry to validated experience in medicinal chemistry.

Our proprietary small molecule property-based isolation technology enables an efficient Hit to Lead workflow for natural compounds. Bicoll’s plant-based small molecule libraries have been proven in a wide range of applications as documented by peer-reviewed publications and patents.

Bicoll GmbH
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Products and Services

I. Medicinal chemistry
Bicoll offers time- and cost-effective medicinal chemistry services that are based on international standards for research, communication, and intellectual property.

Bicoll provides medicinal chemistry services to our partners as an outsourcing solution, on project and FTE (full-time employee) basis. This can be for a variety of steps – for example for compound optimization, or medicinal chemistry consulting, in which your project data will be operated on FFS (fee for service) basis.

II. Plant natural compound libraries are easy to handle
Yes – regardless of what you might have heard or experienced so far, plant natural compounds are actually easy to include in your workflow. Even though crude extracts of plants have low data quality, pure compounds are cost-prohibitive for most research budgets. Our Natural Compound Libraries of plants (Bicoll Plant Profiles™) strike the perfect balance and offer the best value.

Medicinal chemistry

1.Hit to Lead

2. Lead Optimization

3. From Initial Leads to Lead Optimization

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Natural product platform

Bicoll Plant Profiles™ are ready to use in (high-throughput) screening assays.
We build up libraries with particular and specific compounds.
Bicoll offers about 600 compounds from each plant organ.
We provide compounds with molecular weight ranges between 350 to 450 Da.
Bicoll medicinal chemistry expert team supports further modification and fine-tuning of physiologic parameters.

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News & Innovations

Taste Active Small Molecules in Plants Identified by Data Mining of Historical Manuscripts from China

Data mining of 40.000 historical recipes documented by healthcare practitioners in Chinese (Institute of Chinese Life Sciences, Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin) was the basis for identifying, testing (Symrise), and confirming taste active substances (Bicoll).

The use case for these compounds is two-fold: it allows to improve the taste and hence adaption of healthy low carb foods and increase compliance of patients through better tasting medicine.

Planegg / Martinsried (Germany), March 4, 2021 – Bicoll, an expert in providing novel and relevant bioactive compounds for accelerated product development, disclosed the results of the “SimLeap” research consortium’s efforts today.

Further reading
Novel Small Molecule Targeting Huntington’s Disease Is Ready for Clinical Trials
Since 2019 Bicoll GmbH has supported Galyan Bio Inc. in developing and optimizing an orally available small molecule for Huntington’s Disease Target. Clinical trials are scheduled for 2022.

Planegg / Martinsried (Germany) – Bicoll, an expert in synthesizing new and relevant small molecules as starting points for accelerated drug development, announced today its supporting role in the development of novel drug candidates for Huntington’s disease in collaboration with Galyan Bio. Further reading
Preliminary Pre-Clinical Evaluation of a Molecule With Anti-Seizure Effects
Despite the availability of around 30 anti-seizure drugs, drug-resistant epilepsy remains a significant clinical and societal burden. We report the first promising result of a new candidate BICS01.

Planegg / Martinsried (Germany) – January 7, 2022 – Bicoll, an expert in synthesizing new and relevant small molecules as starting points for accelerated drug development, worked together with its partners at the University College London, FutureNeuro, and Royal College of Surgeons to publish data for a promising anti-seizure drug candidate BICS01 in Frontiers in Neurology. Further reading

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