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CureDiab is a spin-off from the German Diabetes Center developing a novel first-in-class approach for the treatment of NASH based on modulation of GABAergic sigaling.

About us

The KomIT platform at the German Diabetes Center (Leibniz Institute) has conducted extensive research on the hepato-protective function of positive allosteric modulators (PAMs) of the GABA-A receptor that exhibit low BBB penetration.

Using a model of lipotoxic injury it was shown that certain PAMs i) block apoptosis of hepatocytes, ii) reduce ER stress, and iii) inhibit inflammation. A 90 days Tox study showed no adverse events at low and medium dose. An application patent for treating NAFLD/NASH with GABA-A receptor PAMs has been filed.

Work on the molecular targets and the anti-fibrotic activity of these compounds is ongoing including differentiation from GLP-1 receptor analogues (e.g. semaglutide).

The key goal of CureDiab is the development of novel GABA-A receptor PAMs as a first-in-class therapy of NAFLD/NASH.

CureDiab GmbH
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