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Numaswitch - An efficient high-titer expression platform to produce peptides and small proteins

Immerse yourself in the world of Numatech - Numaswitch:

The production of peptides as active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) by recombinant technologies is of emerging interest. 

A reliable production platform, however, is still missing due the inherent characteristics of peptides such as proteolytic sensitivity, aggregation and cytotoxicity.

We have developed a new technology named Numaswitch solving present limitations. Numaswitch was successfully employed for the production of diverse peptides and small proteins varying in length, physicochemical and functional characteristics, including Teriparatide, Linaclotide, human β-amyloid and Serum amyloid A3.

Additionally, the potential of Numaswitch for a cost-efficient commercial production is demonstrated yielding > 2 g Teriparatide per liter fermentation broth in a quality meeting API standard.

• Competitive production processes for generics and biosimilars, i.e. PTH(1-34), PTH(1-84), Liraglutide, Semaglutide.

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Exhibitor: NUMAFERM GmbH


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