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Ningaloo Biosystems

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About us

At Ningaloo Biosystems, we want to make sure that the next generation of medicines will be available and affordable for all patients who need them. We are going to help pharmaceutical companies to produce the latest biologics much more cost-effectively and at better quality. How? By using cyber-biological real-time control technology we can boost bioreactor performance. As an industry-experienced team, we are on our way to making Ningaloo the leading enabler of sustainable manufacturing of biologics.

Resolving biopharma's productivity bottlenecks

Ningaloo Biosystems: let's turbocharge bioproduction!


Ningaloo Biosystems
Gottfried-Hagen-Str. 60 – 62
51105 Cologne

Phone:  +49 173 7278789
Ningaloo Biosystems
Gottfried-Hagen-Strasse 60-62

Phone:  +491737278789

Contact person:

Herbert Mueller-Hartmann
Co-Founder & Managing Director
Phone: +49 173 7278789

Products & Services

We provide cyber-bioproduction technology to boost output and quality of biopharmaceutical APIs in upstream processing. We also offer services to customize expression systems and create bespoke cyber-bioproduction host cell lines.

Our products combine photoswitches with optical technology as a platform to introduce dynamic controls into bioproduction processes to address the most pressing challenges in biopharmaceutical production. Using this approach, we can e.g. optimize output of multi-component biopharmaceuticals, such as multi-specific antibodies or a gene therapeutic in real-time. The platform can be scaled with the systems used from process development to large scale production to enable automation and the expanded adoption of continuous production modes.

MultiLight MLA

The MultiLight MLA provides the platform for high-throughput optimization of cell culture-based processes using cyber-bioproduction for product yield and quality. It can also be used to produce active substances on a small scale. Working with multi-well plate formats and small cell culture vessels, it allows you to propel early process development for complex biopharmaceuticals to the next level of productivity.

With the MultiLight MLA you can bring your upstream processes to the next level of productivity.

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