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About us

At inscreenex, we specialize in delivering exactly the cell lines your drug discovery and development teams require:

  • Stable recombinant cell lines
  • Immortalized cell lines

We offer ready-to-use cell lines that immediately accelerate your research and development processes and highly tailored cell lines, that are exactly the tools your team needs to get better therapies to patients faster.

Utilizing our proprietary landing pad technology, our stable recombinant cell line service provides the following benefits:

  • Short project timelines (8w for CHOs, 10w for HEK293)
  • Adjustable target expression levels of the target
  • Complete FTO with all cell lines

Thanks to our cell-type specific approach, our immortalized cell lines stand out due to:

  • Better cell phenotype compared to other technologies
  • Fully characterized cell lines, designed from the outset to meet your needs
  • Enhanced success rates for even the most challenging primary cells using our cell-type specific immortalization technology


Inhoffenstr. 7
38124 Braunschweig

Phone:  +49 531 61815080

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