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2bind GmbH

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About us

2bind is the expert contract research organization (CRO) for biophysical analytics. Since 2011 we have successfully completed over 1500 tasks in contract research projects with over 450 different customers from biotech, pharma, and academia.

2bind serves customers/clients working or interested in protein- and RNA-based drug discovery, antibody development and protein formulation.

We bring together passionate scientists from different life-science backgrounds to catalyze our clients’ research and development projects.

With a portfolio of 13 biophysical methods, 2bind can answer practically every question for binding affinity, kinetics, thermodynamics, stoichiometry as well as molecular parameters such as protein stability, unfolding, buffer optimum, radius, polydispersity index and many more. Our scalable assay format cover comprehensive but also HTS capable formats.

Work with the experts in biophysics!


2bind GmbH
Im Gewerbepark D19a
93059 Regensburg

Phone:  +49 941 20000890

Contact person:

Dr. Thomas Schubert

Products & Services

2bind offers customized analytical services based on 13 biophysical technologies to support customers in their drug discovery or antibody development project.

Drug Discovery with small molecules, fragments, PROTACs, Glues:

  • Biophysical High throughput screening (HIT ID)
  • Detailed analysis of HITs (HIT Validation)
  • Hit Characterization
  • Biophysical support in Hit to lead approaches
  • Mode of Action analyses (Competition assays, Ternary complex formation)

Antibody Development: 

  • Developability studies
  • Buffer optimization / Pre-formulation
  • Long term storage optimization
  • Forced degradation

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