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Phytowelt GreenTechnologies GmbH

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About us

Phytowelt is an innovative and experienced biotechnology company. As contract researchers, we develop your process, your product or your plant – for flavour or active ingredients and raw material production. For various industrial applications, we combine molecular biology with plant biotechnology and are pioneers of a bio-based economy. In our industrial or our green biotech department we find the best way to produce your desired molecule – in plant or bacteria. Biotechnological production (fermentation, biotransformation, biocatalysis) can save costs, increase efficiency and protect the environment as well as resources.


Phytowelt GreenTechnologies GmbH
Kölsumer Weg 33
41334 Nettetal

Phone:  +49 2162 77859

Contact person:

Peter Welters
Phone: +49 2162 77859

Products & Services

Process and product developement
We optimise or develop your process to enable a sustainable production of high-purity substances. This allows you to add value to renewable raw materials and side streams and become part of a circular economy.

Plant breeding
Using various technologies based on plant tissue culture, we optimise your plant or accelerate your breeding process. Thereby for example you can produce active pharmaceutical ingredients in medicinal plants, improve your crop variety or bring it to variety approval more quickly.

Plant tissue culture services
We offer numerous tissue culture services such as virus elimination, mass propagation and in vitro conservation of your plants. If there is no protocol for your needs, our scientists will be happy to develop one for you.


Phytowelt has now developed a process for the fermentative production of the chiral scent (R)-α-Ionone and has applied for a patent for this process. It allows the production of pure raspberry- or violet-aroma without blending it with β- und γ-Ionone.
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poplar varieties

Phytowelt will provide its expertise in the development of poplar varieties that are capable of phytoremediation. Phytowelt’s registered varieties will be used in several of the project’s case studies to demonstrate their effectiveness in reducing soil contamination in different conditions.
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harvesting poplars


Phytowelt has developed a highly innovative fermentation-based strain for the production of vanillin.
Our vanillin is used in various industries, including the food industry, perfume and cosmetics manufacturing and pharmaceutical production.

biotransformation Vanillin

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