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About us

biotechrabbit is determined to offer the best products and services to those who lead the way in research. The valued relationships with our partners and customers drive us to exceed current limitations with flexibility, innovation and highly customized solutions to match their specific requirements.

Each member of our team of highly engaged scientists, experienced managers and talented business developers aims to facilitate our partners and customers to leap and lead progress in the life science.

Covering the whole workflow from enzyme production, ReadyMix development and lyophilization, biotechrabbit is the partner of choice for supplying molecular biology enzymes, reagents and mixes to diagnostics and life sciences.

Our way of doing business combines the passion and pure curiosity of excellent researchers with the agile spirit of true entrepreneurs.


biotechrabbit GmbH
Volmerstr. 9
12489 Berlin

Phone:  +49 30 555782124

Contact person:

Dr. Bernd Haase
Phone: +49 30 555782124

Products & Services

All biotechrabbit products are manufactured according to ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 standards. 

  • Proteins, Enzymes, Molecular Reagents and Kits 
  • Ready Master Mixes and Full Diagnostic Kits 
  • Lyophilized and Lyo-Ready Enzymes and Reagents 
  • Lyophilization Service 
  • OEM, Contract Manufacturing and Private Labelling 
  • Enzyme Development, Enhancement and Large Scale Manufacturing
  • Custom Monoclonal Antibody Development and Manufacturing up to 1 kg 
  • Molecular and Immuno-assay Development and Kit Production 
  • Cell-Free Protein Synthesis, Rapid Translation System - RTS 
  • mRNA Technology 
  • Thermal and Isothermal Amplification

Most biotechrabbit products are also available in bulk or as custom formulations.

Cell-Free Protein Synthesis

The Rapid Translation System is a scalable in vitro cell-free protein expression platform with unique and patented features. Bacterial or eukaryotic cell lysates are producing exceptional high protein amounts (up to 6 mg/ml) from a broad range of protein classes to be used for characterization studies, functional assays or structural analysis.
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biotechrabbit Lyo products combine an innovative lyophilization process with high-quality enzymes and well-established buffer or ReadyMix compositions. Top performance in molecular biology or diagnostics applications is ensured. Lyo products are proven to show the same high activity as their liquid equivalents. The freeze-dried enzymes avoid the need for a cool chain, leading to considerable cost savings during shipment and storage.
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Reagents for Molecular Biology

biotechrabbit GmbH, with decades of experience in supplying native and recombinant enzyme reagents for both life science and molecular diagnostics, is committed to provide you with excellent quality of proteins, antibodies and ready to use reagents and kits. Our molecular biology portfolio offers a broad range of products for molecular applications such as amplification technologies ( PCR, quantitative PCR and Isothermal amplification), protein research, NGS, cloning and DNA/RNA isolation.
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