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BioThrust GmbH

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About us

BioThrust is a biotech company from Aachen, Germany, founded in 2022 and specializing in the development of novel bioreactors. This novel, bionic approach not only allows a significant increase in cell yield with effective production capacities of up to 1,000 liters, but also enables completely new applications. For example, BioThrust has already produced functional, beating heart organoids in its bioreactor and will play a decisive role not only in biomedicine but also in other areas such as the production of lab-grown meat and synthetic biologics. The plan is to launch the fully functional bioreactor for therapy development in 2024.

BioThrust offers so far Bioreactor solutions between 250mL to 200L. Core-technology is the unique membrane-stirrer, consisting of thousands of hollow-fibers for a bubble-free and gentle gas transfer and mixing of the media.

Concept of the 200L ComfyCell Bioreactor, including the "artifical lung" for the gas transfer

2 and 10L Membrane Stirrer for bubble-free gassing and mild mixing, consuming ~10% of the volume


BioThrust GmbH
Pauwelsstr. 17
52074 Aachen

Phone:  +49 162 4743587

Contact person:

Dr. Patrick Bongartz
Phone: +49 162 4743587

Konstantin Kurz
Phone: +49 1525 4029749

Dr. Yasemin van Heuvel
Bioprocess Expert

Products & Services

BioThrust offers bionic bioreactors in the scale of 250mL to 10L. Bigger scales are in development, while technical applicability was shown with up to 200L. Target applications are (allogenic stem-) cell cultivation. The 250mL SUB version will be released Q4 2024/ Q1 2025.

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