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About us

YUMAB is a biotechnology company founded in 2012 by experts and pioneers in recombinant antibody technologies of the University of Braunschweig, Germany. Since then, YUMAB has become a world leading provider for the development of fully human, therapeutic antibodies. YUMAB offers outstanding expertise from more than 30 years of continuous research in recombinant antibody technologies in combination with state of the art and next generation technologies. This unique setting enables novel solutions for current and future challenges in antibody immunotherapy.


Inhoffenstr. 7
38124 Braunschweig

Phone:  +49 531 4811700
1100 South Tower, 225 Peachtree St., N.E.
30303 Atlanta


Contact person:

Alexander Ehm
Head of Commercial Management
Phone: +49 170 2800357

Products & Services

  • Fast track discovery of fully human antibodies 
  • Immune or patient derived libraries (also from transgenic animals) 
  • Antibody lead development (IgG, Fab, scFv, bispecifics, CAR, ADC, …) 
  • Antibody engineering (affinity, stability, manufacturability) 
  • In silico lead optmization 
  • Hybridoma sequencing 
  • Humanization, Superhumanization 
  • Contract research and development 
  • Partnered development

YUMAB® Antibody Discovery

The YUMAB® platform provides all technologies for a fully integrated human antibody development in one company. We offer individually designed, work package-based contract research projects – from your target molecule to your engineered and optimized antibody lead candidate. Single technology modules or combinations thereof are also available as R&D service to assist your antibody program at every stage. The core technologies of the platform are Hit Discovery, Lead Engineering, Lead Development.
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YUMAB® Antibody Engineering

Usually, the optimization of the initial antibody candidates is necessary for the development of therapeutic antibodies. The YUMAB platform provides two in-vitro evolution technologies for the optimization of the antibody’s affinity, stability, specificity or selectivity: in-vitro evolution by YUlight shuffling and in-vitro evolution by mutagenesis.

Additionally, in-silico analysis can be applied to identify and optimize antibodies with the best developability score.
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YUMAB® Antibody Humanization

The YUMAB® humanization platform provides two technologies for the humanization of animal-derived antibodies of any source (B-cells, Hybridoma cultures, antibody sequences) by Germline-optimized CDR grafting and Template-driven chain shuffling.

The humanized antibodies can be directly used for further optimization by lead discovery and lead development.
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