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trenzyme GmbH

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About us

trenzyme GmbH is a privately owned ISO 9001:2015 certified German Contract Research Organization (CRO) offering a wide range of highly customized services in cell line development, iPSC differentiation and recombinant protein production. Since the establishment in 2000, trenzyme supports as an outsourcing partner the research and development departments of academic institutes, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies from all over the world with its services. Whether the needs lie in development of assay cell lines, GMP-compliant production cell lines, cell expansion, differentiation of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC) or in recombinant protein production & purification, trenzyme delivers the ideal solution by always following its clear mission: Accelerating innovation and save valuable research time & budget!

Cell Services

GMP-compliant Cell Line Development

Stable Assay Cell Line Development

Cell Expansion and Cell Bank Generation

Advanced Cell Services - iPSC Differentiation

Customized Protein Production

High Yield Protein Production

Catalogue Products - Proteins and Cell lines

Project Management



trenzyme GmbH
Byk-Gulden-Str. 2
78467 Konstanz

Phone:  +49 7531 122900

Contact person:

Dr. Antje Fuhrmann
Business Development Manager
Phone: +49 176 72221031

Dr. Reinhold Horlacher
Phone: +49 7531 122900

Products & Services

Cell Services:
Customized cell services tailored to your specific project requirements. Our highly skilled and experienced scientific experts provide a one-stop-shop from DNA to stable cell lines or GMP-compliant Research Cell Banks (RCB) as well as differentiation and characterization of iPSCs, immortalization of primary cells and cell bank generation.

Protein Services:
High quality protein production and purification services according to your individual needs. Whether you are interested in conventional protein expression or in highly customized solutions for your demanding target, we are dedicated to providing the ideal solution for your research project.

Based on our highly modular toolbox of expression vectors and strains we screen hundreds of expression constructs in parallel to identify the most promising candidate for upscaling and high yield protein production.

Cell Line Development Services - Assay Cell Lines and GMP-compliant Production Cell Lines

Stable Cell Line Development
• Development of custom stable recombinant cell lines with trenzyme’s proprietary ExoIN technology

GMP-compliant Production Cell Line Development
• Development of GMP-compliant high producer cell lines in record time
• One-stop-shop from cloning up to research cell bank generation (RCB) and development of DSP
• No royalties: One-time license fee payment after R&D phase to enter commercial phase and GMP manufacturing
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Highly Customized Cell Line Development

Protein Expression and Purification Services

Recombinant Protein Expression Services
• High expression yields [mg-g] for production in E. coli, yeast, insect cells and mammalian cells
• High-throughput expression based on modular toolbox to identify best expression construct and strain/cell line
• Process development and upscaling

Recombinant Protein Purification Services
• State-of-the-art purification strategies
• Downstream process development
• High yield protein production

Webshop / Catalogue proteins:
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Protein Services

Advanced Cell Services - iPSC Differentiation- and Characterization Services

• Development of customized iPSC differentiation protocols according to your specific needs
• Outsourcing of routine iPSC differentiation projects
• Differentiation into all cell types (endo-, meso-, or ectoderm lineages)
• Comprehensive stem cell characterization service
• Immortalization of primary cells
• Cell expansion and cell bank generation

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Advanced Cell Services - iPSC Differentiation and more

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