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About us

At knowing01, we are committed to revolutionizing biotech R&D to rapidly meet today's unmet medical needs with greater certainty. Our cutting-edge software solution contextualizes biomedical data, significantly lowering the risks associated with early-phase discoveries.

With 80% of data context often overlooked, we harness Multiomics data to significantly de-risk research and enhance decision-making on disease markers, targets, and target-indication fits before entering clinical phases.

Our Cellmap technology offers unmatched flexibility, being fluent across all biological data types, and streamlines research and insights to advance therapeutic strategies. By rapidly unlocking both private and public data, we break down traditional barriers to data contextualization, speeding up outcomes and deepening therapeutic understanding.

Knowing01 is more than a tool; it's a strategic partner, revolutionizing biotech R&D to efficiently overcome tomorrow's medical challenges.


knowing01 GmbH
Am Stadtpark 66
81243 Munich

Phone:  +49 89 74678081

Contact person:

Nikola Müller

Products & Services

The knowing01 app contextualizes data for early-phase discoveries by using and expanding our analytics recipes for success. Encapsulated in easy-to-use software, our Cellmap technology ensures disease- and target-specific Multiomics context data is always ready for analysis.

With a subscription, our clients can work with all Multiomics data: upload, store, link, expand and combine with just a few clicks. We automatically process data from Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), mass spectrometry (MS), microarray chip technologies, etc., linking genetics, genomics, epigenetics, transcriptomics, proteomics, and beyond. We effortlessly bridge data across different species (human, mouse, etc.).

Coupled with our analytics services, we boost our clients' success. We are dedicated to leading-edge, innovative disease research and developments with substantial clinical impact for fruitful collaborations. We contribute decades of expertise and high-quality software to facilitate early discoveries.

Target-indication fit before entering clinical phases

In the past, selecting a target indication was often based on limited or siloed data, leading to costly missteps.

Use knowing01 workflows to compile Multiomic evidence into high quality indication libraries from high-quality public data, established large data sources, and your in-house data to compose broad target-specific context.

Leverage the toolboxes of knowing01 or develop a custom solution to fit your specific needs.
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Our solution leverages advanced data contextualization to guide decision-making and minimize risks.

Unravel disease markers with contextual intelligence

Capturing the molecular footprints of a disease without considering the data context is like trying to understand a forest by examining only one tree.

Use the knowing01 software to bring the disease-specific context data into a stored, readily linked, searchable form. Let the algorithms work through the data scope and find key molecular marker or pathway that may serve as drug targets or point to repositioning of drugs.

Leverage our solutions or tailor it to fit your specific needs.
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Our solution leverages advanced data contextualization to guide decision-making and minimize risks.

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