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Lipotype GmbH

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About us

Lipotype combines cutting-edge lipidomics technology with decades of leading lipid research expertise to deliver convincing lipidomics results to you.

Lipotype Lipidomics provides you with easy access to lipids and lipid metabolism data for more than 4200 individual lipids – the broadest lipidomics coverage available. Our mass spectrometry-based lipidomics platform can be applied to all biological samples. Lipotype Lipidomics is robust and reproducible, and combines reliable data quality control with state-of-the-art data visualization and statistical analyses. Lipotype translates your complex lipidomics data sets into convincing lipidomics results, in as little as two weeks.

Lipotype is the leading lipidomics service provider and serves all scientists from around the world. Contact our research project support, order your lipidomics services, send in your samples, and quickly understand your lipidomics results.

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Lipotype GmbH
Tatzberg 47
01307 Dresden

Phone:  +49 351 25989-50
Lipotype Inc.
1 Broadway, 14th floor
MA 02142, Cambridge

Products & Services

Lipotype Lipidomics is the worldwide leading lipid analysis service technology.

From storage lipids to membrane lipids and signaling lipids, Lipotype Lipidomics offers the broadest coverage of lipids. Our lipid analysis services identify and quantify 100+ lipid classes, in total more than 4200 individual lipids.

From organelles, bacteria, yeast, and other microbes to animal cells, skin tapes, body fluids, blood and plasma, tissues and organs (liver, brain, etc.), oils, milk, and far more - our lipidomics services can be applied to all biological samples.

Our mass spectrometry-based Lipotype Lipidomics technology requires only minimal sample amounts per lipid analysis. For example: our lipidomics platform can perform measurements of 1 µL of blood plasma.

We have developed a high throughput workflow for thousands of samples per week. Our lipid analysis automation increases reproducibility and offers you to get your lipidomics reports in as little as 2 weeks.

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