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3 – 6 June 2019
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2bind GmbH

2bind is a provider for customized biophysical analytical services for protein and RNA-targeted drug discovery, antibody development and aptamer discovery.

Booth number: 2201-4

Baden-Württemberg International

Booth number: 1901-9

Bayern International GmbH

For 20 years, Bayern International has been organising projects worldwide for Bavarian companies' export success.

Booth number: 2201-1

Berlin Partner für Wirtschaft und Technologie GmbH

Berlin Partner for Business and Technology is the organizer of the official presentation of the German Capital Region Berlin-Brandenburg.

Booth number: 2101-1

BIO Clustermanagement NRW GmbH

Your Partner for Managing all your Activities: - Coordinating activities in calls of public funding - Organizing events, such as fairs, conferences, technology platforms and more

Booth number: 2008-1

BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg GmbH

The state agency BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg is specifically focused on bioeconomy, biotechnology, pharmaceutical industry and medical technology (healthcare industry).

Booth number: 1901-9

bioskin GmbH

bioskin is a full-service CRO specialized in dermatology and aesthetics. We plan and conduct clinical trials Phase I-IV for pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

Booth number: 1901-13

biotechrabbit GmbH

biotechrabbit is a leading enzyme- and kit-production company based in Berlin, Germany, providing highest quality diagnostics and life sciences reagents and optimized services.

Booth number: 2101-9

BioM Biotech Cluster Development

BioM – central point of contact for pharma and biotechnology in Munich and Bavaria.

Booth number: 2201-1

BioPark Regensburg

The BioPark Regensburg GmbH is the management and administrative headquarters of the biotechnology research cluster known as BioRegio Regensburg in East Bavaria.

Booth number: 2201-1

Campus Berlin-Buch GmbH (CBB)

CBB operates the Campus Berlin-Buch – the leading location in the German capital biotech region. CBB supports biotechs from start-ups to matured companies to settle and expand.

Booth number: 2101-7

Cato Europe GmbH

Cato Research offers a complete range of services with personalized attention and flexibility. The relationships we create with our sponsors produce positive, tangible results.

Booth number: 2008-1

Cfm Oskar Tropitzsch GmbH

Cfm Oskar Tropitzsch GmbH assists the chemical, pharmaceutical and biotechnological industry in sourcing and producing chemical specialties.

Booth number: 2101-5

ChemCon GmbH

ChemCon is a CDMO and analytical lab for organic small molecule APIs, GMP inorganic salts or complexes, polymers, HPAPIs or controlled substances in small to medium quantities.

Booth number: 1901-11

Coriolis Pharma Research GmbH

Coriolis is specialized in formulation development (liquid and lyophilized) of biopharmaceuticals including high concentrated and S1 / S2 classified material.

Booth number: 2201-5


The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft is the leading organization for applied research in Europe with a staff of more than 26,600, and an annual research budget totaling 2.5 billion euros.

Booth number: 2008-4

Fraunhofer Institute for Toxicology and Experimental Medicine ITEM

Fraunhofer ITEM offers contract research on a wide range of human health issues, incl. drug research, preclinical and clinical testing, chemical safety and biomedical engineering.

Booth number: 2008-4

Fraunhofer Group for Life Sciences

The Fraunhofer Group for Life Sciences is an important R&D partner for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors, for the chemicals industry and, medical technology companies.

Booth number: 2008-4

Fraunhofer IZI-BB

The Fraunhofer IZI-BB focusses on the development of platform technologies and biotechnological solutions in agriculture & food safety as well as drug development & diagnostics.

Booth number: 2008-4


Booth number: 2008-1

Genekam Biotechnology AG

Genekam develops Solutions for virology, immunology and stems. It focuses on Influenza viruses.

Booth number: 1901-12

Glycotope GmbH

Glycotope is an immuno-oncology company built on worldleading glycobiology expertise. Highly innovative projects with focus on oncology/immuno-oncology are available for partnering

Booth number: 2101-4

HealthCapital Berlin-Brandenburg

HealthCapital Berlin-Brandenburg is a leading healthcare industries cluster. The cluster management supports networking and the technology transfer along the entire value chain.

Booth number: 2101-1

Heraeus Deutschland gmbH & Co. KG

Heraeus Pharmaceutical Ingredients is highly specialized in the commercial/GMP scale production of cytotoxic and high potent substances.

Booth number: 2101-6

IGES Institut GmbH

IGES - The knowledge corporation. Independent, innovative since 1980. Focusing on research, development and consulting for life sciences and health care.

Booth number: 2101-8

Investitions- und Marketinggesellschaft Sachsen-Anhalt mbH

IMG is the economic development agency of the German federal state of Saxony-Anhalt. We act as a partner for business, providing individually tailored consultancy for investors.

Booth number: 1901-8


Novel engineered mammalian cell systems that speed up drug development (SCREENflex) and enable physiologically relevant tests in vitro under in vivo conditions (CI-SCREEN).

Booth number: 1901-3

Iris Biotech GmbH

Guided by our dedication to deliver competent service and the highest quality to our clients, focus remains on Peptide Chemistry and Custom Synthesis.

Booth number: 2101-5

LTS Lohmann Therapies-Systeme AG, IIS Innovative Injektions-Systeme

LTS Lohmann Therapie-Systeme AG, IIS, develops transdermal delivery systems (Micro-Array Patches, Needlefree Injections) for biologicals, pharmaceuticals and vaccines.

Booth number: 1901-7

Medigene AG

Medigene is developing personalized T cell-based therapies with the focus on T cell-receptor modified T cells (TCR-Ts) – currently in pre-clinical and clinical development.

Booth number: 2201-3

MLM Medical Labs GmbH

MLM Medical Labs is a GLP-certified, CLIA-, CAP- and ISO15189 accredited central laboratory dedicated exclusively to clinical trials - 365 days a year.

Booth number: 2008-5

MorphoSys AG

With its ongoing commitment to new antibody technology and drug development, MorphoSys is focused on making the healthcare products of tomorrow.

Booth number: 2201-2

Niedersächsiches Ministerium für Wirtschaft, Arbeit, Verkehr und Digitalisierung

Niedersachsen welcomes New Businesses. Our strengths in Life Sciences are infection research, regenerative biology, neurobiology, veterinary medicine and medical technology.

Booth number: 1901-5

Nordmark Biotech

Nordmark Biotech is able to cover the entire value chain from process development to market supply for Mammalian Cell Culture, Microbial Fermentation and Microbiome products.

Booth number: 2008-1

NRW.International GmbH

Booth number: 2008-6


PAION AG is a publicly listed specialty pharmaceutical company developing and aiming to commercialize innovative drugs for sedation, anesthesia and critical care services.

Booth number: 2008-2

pharmtrace klinische Entwicklung GmbH

Independent imaging CRO providing strategies and solutions for clinical trials. pharmtrace provides flexible services and a global reach to meet your imaging endpoints.

Booth number: 2101-3

Sciomics GmbH

Sciomics develops novel diagnostics for precision medicine. In addition, we offer protein expression, phosphorylation and ubiquitination status analyses in a CRO setting.

Booth number: 1901-10

SeNostic Health GmbH

Our proprietary SeedCycler® technology platform enables a precise and early differential diagnosis of multiple neurodegenerative disorders.

Booth number: 1901-4

Standortmanagement Golm GmbH / Potsdam Science Park

Leading international research, training for young researchers and research-based production combine to make this science park into a location with great potential for innovation.

Booth number: 2101-2

Standortagentur Tübingen-Reutlingen-Zollernalb GmbH

In Neckar-Alb/GER you find a scientific environment that focuses on business-oriented research & development in all aspects of biotechnology. We help you get started in our region.

Booth number: 1901-9

SYNLAB Analytics & Services Germany GmbH

SYNLAB Analytics & Services Germany GmbH is a service-based partner for the international pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.

Booth number: 2008-1

Taros Chemicals

Pharmaceutical R&D, Drug Discovery, Medicinal Chemistry, Drug Design, Computational Chemistry.

Booth number: 2008-1

Vibalogics GmbH

Vibalogics offers process development, cGMP manufacturing and fill/finish of viruses and live bacteria for companies developing vaccines, gene and oncolytic viral therapies.

Booth number: 1901-6

Xell AG

Xell provides high-quality products and services for cell culture applications with a focus on the development and manufacture of chemically defined cell culture media.

Booth number: 2008-3


YUMAB provides research and development of fully human antibodies from target to lead from its proprietary advanced antibody platform for clients and partners worldwide.

Booth number: 1901-2

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